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Food Colours
Food Colours are mostly used for decorating purposes to make food items attractive, appealing and delicious. There are multiple colours options which can be used in different ways.
Acid Dyes
Acid dyes are dyes used mostly in dying the leathers, silk, wool and other types of material as well as also be used as food colorant. These dyes are easily soluble in water and have low ph value, safe to use.
Pigments Powder
Pigments powder is basically used for adding sparkles and uniqueness in cosmetics as well as in woods, plastic resins etc. This powder is insoluble in water and is safe to use. 
Lake Colours
Lake colours are those colours which are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, sweets, personal care  products etc. These are insoluble in water and have no adverse effects over skin, making product more attractive.
Solvent Dyes
Solvent dyes are dyes which are easily soluble in water and are used for dying of waxes, lubricants and other solvents. They are mostly used in industries and are safe and easy to use as they are free from impurities.
Direct Dyes
Direct dyes are dyes in liquid form which are mostly used in textile industries for coloring the clothes and garments. These dyes are easily soluble in water and come in many exciting colours such as orange, blue, red, green, etc.
Basic Dyes
Basic dyes are dyes which are easily available in market due to its fast drying feature, come in thick paste form applied using brush. These are used for coloring jute made products as well as for printing purposes.
Reactive Dyes
Reactive dyes used for coloring cellulosic fibers like cotton, nylon, etc., with high range of efficiency. These dyes are not easily soluble in water and are available in different colours in form of powder. 
Vat Dyes
Vat dyes also act as a colouring agent for textile industries. These dyes have best drying capability which make these an important dye for dying clothes and fabrics. Dyeing makes the clothes look more attractive and elegant.

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